spring / summer

collection 2021

Marine stripes in different shades of blues and whites take part of new bedding Navy Collection. Bed linens made with 100% cotton, soft and transpirable, as well as light bedspreads in marine style.

The living room inspired in sailor style take us to a beach house. Different tones of blue, white and coral and knot & seastars prints provide marine touch to your sofa.

Summer essence for your table. Cute table clothes and runners in bright and marine colours to enjoy your dinner outside.

100% cotton towels and bathrobes, soft, fluffy and highly absorbent. The Navy collection wiht fringed details and in blue and white colors.


spring / summer

collection 2021

The collection has been inspired by floral nature and spring. Elements that will turn the bedroom into a springtime explosion. Prints inspired totransmit joy, freshness and delicacy.

The entire home will become a space full of bright colors, floral prints and eye-catching designs, which will bring splendor into the home.

Floral and spring elements inspired in the collection with warm colours that will make your home springtime space.

The table full of tiny floral embroideries, various shades of blues and pinks. Elegant tablecloths that will bring style to the room in an easy and simple way.

Orange, nude and pink colors for the bathroom collection, bright and intense colors made of 100% cotton, will provide a touch of color for the home.

spring / summer

collection 2021

The Soft collection is inspired by a natural style, very bright and soft. It will make your home a quiet, cozy and elegant space at the same time.

A collection of prints with hints of boho, ethnic and natural elements. Soft and light fabrics made of cotton for maximum comfort.

The living room decoration is filled with printed cushions, inspired by the beauty of nature, delicacy and softness. With the aim of transmitting light, tranquility and peace in the home.

The table for this collection is dressed in stone, beige and pink colors. Elegant, modern prints with a rustic look.

The Bath line stands out for its sophisticated and calm colors. The bangs make the difference, generating a modern, innovative and impeccable style.

spring / summer

collection 2021

fall / winter

colección 2020

La Mallorquina presenta una colección de tejidos naturales, suaves, frescos y ligeros de gama superior. Elaborada con tejidos y acabados de gran calidad.

La ropa de cama es de algodón percal, delicadamente bordada con motivos florales. Los manteles son de lino y algodón, con un estilo refinado y natural.